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Please fill in the form below to book your event, including the package you’re interested in. Once we have confirmed your booking, we require a deposit of $200. Full payment will be due on the day of the event. There are 3 payment options available:

  1. Cheque
  2. Cash
  3. e-transfer

Cheque and cash payments need to be sent to the address below, payable to Tony’s DJ Service. Please include the name of the couple or business, event date, and location inside the envelope.  E-transfer payments are to be sent to

307 Holly Avenue
Kamloops, B.C.
V2B 1M2

For e-transfers, just provide us with the question/answer.

If you would prefer to drop the deposit off, please contact Tony’s DJ to arrange a time.

You can also book using Calendy. Book a meeting with Tony

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Additional Entertainment Options


***Premium Light Show including lasers:
Light Package 1

  • 1 T-bar
  • LEDs star-effect
  • small laser
Light Package 2

  • larger T-bar or 10-foot truss
    (depending on DJ and available space)
  • 6 LEDs
  • 2 lasers
  • 1 star-effect laser
Light Package 3
(30-50 feet of space needed)

  • 25-foot truss (Only available with DJ Tony & requires 220W Power Outlet
  • 6 intelligent lights
  • multiple LED lights
  • 4 to 12 lasers
  • smoke machines
Light Package 4
(Only available with DJ Tony & requires 30-50 feet of space)

  • 25-foot truss (requires 220W Power Outlet)
  • 10 intelligent lights
  • multiple LED lights
  • 12+ lasers
  • smoke machines
  • 15-foot scaffolding on both sides (Goes with 10,000W Sound System)

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