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DJ setup requirements

  • Set 1 6 ft. banquet table where you want the DJ to set up. Please have table covered and skirted so that the appearance will look pleasing to your guests. Always set up the DJ table on the edge of the dance floor. If possible set the table with the dance floor in front of the DJ table. This will give you a better sound on the dance floor, plus the speakers won't be too close to your guest's ears. This allows the DJ to be more interactive with your crowd. Please set aside a spot on a guest table near the dj booth, so that the DJ can be nearby if he has to pause the music for speeches. DJ's usually don't have time to go home and eat, so please feed them!
    If your reception will be taking place outdoors, please make sure the DJ set up is covered from the sun. If you can not provide a cover, there will be an additional $75 charge for the DJ to provide a tent.


  • This is for everyone to join in. we usually recommend a slow older tune like "Can't Help Falling in Love - Elvis" or "Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers." We like to pack the dance floor right away, and usually the older guests tend to get up right away and the younger ones tend to hit the bar at the beginning.
  • Recommended approx. 1/2 hour to 1 hr into the dancing. Let the DJ know when you're ready. The DJ usually has his songs picked out for this part, but if you require certain songs let us know ahead.
  • For bride and groom before they leave
  • Feel free to make a list of songs you want to request played or not played. Keep in mind an average dance is 50 to 60 songs.
  • It’s usually good form to pay your DJ upon his arrival, by cash or by cheque. Perhaps have your Best Man deliver the payment in an envelope. If you’re concerned about handling money at your wedding, an electronic transfer the night before is also a simple way to take care of the payment. We recommend keeping some extra money available in case the DJ needs to work any additional overtime, so he can be paid at the night’s end.



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