Selecting a DJ or a Band for Your Event

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The more professional and experienced your DJ is, the better your event will flow. Some feel that a DJ is not a key factor in their event and choose an inexpensive one. Don’t let a low price tag be your only reason for choosing your DJ. There are reasons why some DJs charge more than others.

The more expensive DJs usually have more experience and have already established a good reputation. An experienced DJ can make it a memorable occasion for you and your guests. An inexperienced DJ can turn it into an unforgettable nightmare! A leading bridal publication states that on average only 5% of the wedding budget is spent on entertainment, but your guests will remember your entertainment choice over anything else in your wedding!

Here are some suggestions to consider when you are selecting a DJ for your wedding:

    • How many years of experience does the DJ have and is it reflected in the cost?
    • Is your DJ licensed and insured?
    • Is back up equipment and a back up DJ available?
    • Does the DJ know how to read a crowd and make sure they all have an enjoyable time?
    • Are the equipment and lights of top quality?
    • How extensive is the library and quality of the music?
    • What name brands do the DJs use? (i.e., RCF, JBL, QSC, Crown, Numark, and Denon are all top of the line)
    • Does the DJ carry liability insurance?
    • Is the sound system adequate for the size of the room? Take for example; one small set of speakers in a large room ends up sounding like a ghetto blaster.
    • Ask the DJ if the music is licensed by AVLA? Suppliers like Multi-Music, Promo Only, and ERG are licensed by AVLA. Playing music downloaded off of the Internet is usually low quality and is stealing, which means it is illegal.
    • Will they play requests?
    • Are they willing to travel?
    • Does the company require their DJ to dress appropriately?
    • Will the DJ handle any MC duties and interact with the party?
    • Is there an opportunity to view the DJ in action or meet with the DJ prior to the event?
    • Are there any ‘hidden’ costs, other than the quoted price? (i.e., travel or overtime)
    • Does the company have a screen or projector available?
    • Is there a deposit required?
    • When is the balance due?
    • Does the DJ have a time limit? If so, how long?
    • Are references available for the company and their DJ’s?


The best DJ’s are booked well in advance; so book yours as early as possible.

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